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Running 32-bit components on 64-bit OS


From this website, you can download a number of free COM components for zipping, HTTP access, image size calculations, base64 encoding, etc. These components are 32-bit. To use them on a 64-bit OS, you first need to register them using a 32-bit version of regsvr32 located at:


Move the dll to a directory like: C:\Program Files\XStandard\Bin\

Open a command prompt and cd to the directory where the dll is located.

Type C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe XHTTP.dll

Grant "Read & Execute" file permissions on this dll to Everyone.

Note, the command prompt might need to be "Run as administrator" as shown in the screen shot below.

Context menu for the command prompt showing the option to run as administrator.


32-bit components need to be run from a host application running in 32-bit mode.

If you are using Windows Script Host (WSH), the 32-bit version is located here:


And the 32-bit version of Console Based Scripting Host is located here:


If you are using IIS, you can change your application pool to run in 32-bit mode. In IIS Manager, in the Connections pane, click on "Application Pools".

Screenshot of the Application Pools item in the Connections pane.

Right click over the given application pool and select "Advanced Settings...".

Advanced Settings context menu.

Set "Enable 32-Bit Applications" to True.

Enable 32-Bit Applications property in Advanced Settings dialog box.