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Free email technical support is available for XStandard Lite and XStandard Pro at [no longer available].

Not heard from us?

If you've not heard from us within 24 hours, one of the following applies:

Undeliverable emailOur email to you bounced back, because of delivery problems or an invalid email address.Contact [no longer available] again, using an alternate email address.
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Knowledge base

A knowledge base is currently being developed. In the meantime, the following top support issues should prove useful:

  1. Can I edit Web pages using XStandard?
  2. How do I Open or Save documents?
  3. I get the error message: "Code inserted into the editor contains errors and will be discarded. Would you like XStandard to attempt to fix these errors?"
  4. How do I format content?
  5. Why does the editor run as the Lite version instead of the Pro version?
  6. Our Web site uses HTML 4. Can we still use XStandard XHTML editor?
  7. How can I test the drag & drop file upload feature on my Web site?
  8. Can I use HTML entities to represent special characters?
  9. Can I paste content from Microsoft Word into XStandard?
  10. Can I parse the XHTML generated by XStandard using an XML parser?
  11. Can the editor auto-install in IE 7?
  12. Can I run XStandard version 2 and version 3 on the same computer?
  13. Can I use XStandard version 2 and version 3 in the same CMS?
  14. Do you support OS X?
  15. Do you support Google Chrome or Firefox?