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XStandard pricing

XStandard Lite

XStandard Lite is freeware. Use it free in commercial applications for as long as you wish. Email technical support is also free.

XStandard Pro

XStandard Pro is licensed per unique User and per URL. XStandard Pro is licensed in this way because different customers need different quantities of User and URL licensing. Email technical support is free. Point releases are free updates.

  • What is a User:
    An XStandard Pro "User" is equivalent to a unique person or a "user/login" in your application.
  • What is a URL:
    XStandard Pro comes with server-side software called Web services for features such as file upload, building image libraries, building markup snippet libraries and spell checking. A URL is the domain name where you will install this software (typically, this is the same location as your CMS).

Competitive upgrade discount for XStandard Pro

Send a copy of your receipt for any Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor and we'll double the number of Users for your first purchase of XStandard Pro.

XStandard Pro pricing chart

XStandard Pro User License Options (US dollars)
PackageBonusPricePrice per userSaving per userPurchase link
10 User License1 URL$199$19.900%No longer available
25 User License2 URLs$289$11.5642%No longer available
50 User License2 URLs$459$9.1854%No longer available
100 User License2 URLs$699$6.9965%No longer available
250 User License2 URLs$1199$4.8076%No longer available
1000 User License2 URLs$1899$1.9090%No longer available
Unlimited User License2 URLs$2899n/an/aNo longer available

XStandard User license holders can purchase additional URLs individually, or in packs.

Additional URLs (US dollars)
QuantityPricePrice Per URLSavings Per URLPurchase Link
1 URL$119$1190%No longer available
10 URLs$949$9520%No longer available
40 URLs$2400$6050%No longer available

Licensing FAQs

Can I use XStandard in applications that I sell to others?


How Is XStandard Lite licensed?

XStandard Lite is free to use in any application for as long as you wish. Email technical support is also free.

How is XStandard Pro licensed for Web applications?

XStandard Pro is licensed per unique User and per URL.

How is XStandard Pro licensed for desktop applications?

Desktop application licensing is the same as Web application licensing - per unique User and per URL (if you use URLs). Note, an unlimited User license is available.

Can User and URL packages be split between my customers?

Yes. If you purchase a 25 User / 2 URL license package, you can allocate 15 Users and 1 URL to customer A, and 10 Users and 1 URL to customer B.

Can I distribute XStandard to my customers inside my own application?

Yes. In terms of licensing, it is you (not your customer) who is responsible for purchasing the necessary number of Users and URLs.

I host many Web sites on my server. What licensing option is best for me?

You may prefer to purchase URLs in packs of 10 at a 20% discount or packs of 40 at 50% discount. Larger URL packs are also available. For more information contact us.

How do I tell you which URL I need for my Web site?

When your purchase XStandard, you receive login information for your account on our Web site. When you log into your account, you register the URL and automatically generate the license file that contains it.

Can URLs be changed after they are registered?


How do I purchase more Users?

Simply purchase an additional User package.

Is concurrent User licensing available?

No. XStandard is licensed based on total Users rather then simultaneous/concurrent Users.

Do you offer a single User license?

No. The 10-User license is the smallest that we offer.

What about product updates?

Point-releases (software updates between major versions, such as 2.1, 2.2, ... 2.x) are free. You will be notified by email when they are available.

Can I get temporary licenses for demos, staging or temporary development?

Yes, contact us and we'll send you a temp license file. Once you become an XStandard Pro customer, you can create temp license files yourself from your account on our Web site.

More questions?

Please contact our Sales or Support staff.